Draining 5 actions aloe vera and baobab

Draining 5 Actions Aloe Vera And Baobab

1 product, 5 natural solutions

PURE draining 5 actions combines the properties of selected ingredients in a unique extra strong but absolutely natural formula, designed to offer all the effectiveness of the five active ingredients that make it up.
Its pleasant taste transforms the intake of the product into a pleasant daily gesture.

FUNCTIONS: Choline Contributes to lipid metabolism and maintaining liver function.
Dandelion Digestive, liver and purifying functions
Centella/Ananas Contrast cellulite imperfections. Microcirculation functionality (leg heaviness).
Birch Drainage of liquids. Purifying functions of the organism.
Baobab Regularity of intestinal transit.
POSOLOGY: dilute 20 ml of product in half a liter of water and drink during the day.
TREATMENT: 3 weeks
TASTE: Pineapple
FORMAT: 500 ml


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